MP3 CD Samples

Here you will find 60 second samples of the songs on the N.T.I.G.T.B.B. CD! All samples are approximately 950k and are encoded in MP3 format. You must have an MP3 music player installed on your system to listen to these selections. The Winamp player is highly recommended. If you need an MP3 player or other MP3 related software, please visit If you simply want to save the selections for offline listening, right-click on the title and select "Save Target As...".

For copies of our CD, please refer to our contact information here.

Barefootin' Vocals - Larry Gordon
(Robert Parker - Bonatemp)
Respect Vocals - Carol Bristow Zur
(Otis Redding - Irving Pub.)
I'm A Man

Vocals - Don Miniard
(Don Miniard - Don Miniard Pub.)
Written by: Don Miniard
Arranged by: Don Miniard and Gregg Chirico

Cryin' Shame Vocals - Gregg Chirico
(Lyle Lovett - Michael H. Goldsen, Inc.)
Chain Of Fools Vocals - Susan Moller
(Donald Covay - 14th Hour - Warner - Chappel)
I'm Easy Vocals - Gregg Chirico
(Billy Field - Tom Price - Chappell Music Co. ASCAP)
Vehicle Vocals - Don Miniard
(Jim Peteri - Bald Madusa Co.)
Out Of The Blue Vocals - Carol Bristow Zur
(Carol Bristow Zur - C.B.Z. Pub)
Written and Arranged by: Carol Bristow Zur
Horn Arrangement by: Gregg Chirico
String Arrangement by: Kenny Levine
I Feel Good Vocals - Larry Gordon
(James Brown - Fort Knox Music Inc.)
Who Will The Next Fool Be? Vocals - Don Miniard
(Charlie Rich - Knox Music)
Who's Makin' Love Vocals - Susan Moller,
Carol Bristow Zur
(Homer Banks - Bettye Crutcher - Ivring Music.)
Naughty Vocals - Gregg Chirico
(Funkadelic Publishing)
Written and Arranged by: Gregg Chirico
Proud Mary Vocals - Carol Bristow Zur
(John Fogerty - John Dora Music)

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